Arunafeltz Ragnarok wouldn't be the server it is without its staff.

We may be from different places & backgrounds but together we feel it is our duty and collective mission to bring you the best gaming experience possible.

From administrators to developers to game masters, we continue working tirelessly on content, user experience and all the other aspects that make up the server. Every one of us is here because we genuinely love this game.

We have Matured admins and developer who has already Surpasses all of kind of gaming Experiece.

We always assure our players will not doubt about having a bias GM’s.

* Admin Helsinki  *  - The Head of all ideas  *(The Brain)* 

* Yoshi * - Arunafeltz Head Developer

* Stussy * - Web Developer / Designer and Advertisment Manager

* Rafael * - Helper / Beta Tester / Manager

* Ruthless * - An Admin can talk the way you talk - it means, He Acts Depends on your Attitude.

* Chinito Uno * - Arunafeltz Game Master

* A O I * - Arunafeltz Game Master

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Jul 10, 2020 20:00:00